Custom parchment paper is a versatile product, known for its extensive food related properties, but what about environmental properties? For companies to be environmentally responsible is more important to consumers than ever before and yet, 78% of Americans feel like they don’t know how to identify environmentally friendly companies, despite the intentions they have to purchase from them. 
To help our customers make an informed choice, we’re highlighting the environmentally friendly aspects of our custom parchment paper in this article. 

What makes something environmentally friendly? 

There are loads of definitions and interpretations for the concept of being eco or environmentally friendly. Generally, it is accepted that not being environmentally harmful is key. There are a few ways to make choices that benefit the environment like: 
Choosing products that are responsibly sourced or choosing suppliers that use responsibly sourced products 
Ensuring products you buy are widely recyclable 
Aiming for biodegradable products to reduce unrecyclable waste 
Looking at the sustainability practices behind products and suppliers 

How can you tell if a business is eco-friendly? 

There are several ways to be held accountable when businesses say they are environmentally friendly such as: 
Getting certified by a governing or charitable body 
Being transparent about suppliers and products 
Meeting certain thresholds and standards (e.g. ISO - International Organization for Standardization) 
Making public business decisions that are in the best interest of the environment 
Backing up claims with statistics and facts 
A website is a great place to see what steps a company are taking to reduce their impact on the environment as this is where they will display logos and affiliations. Organizations may also use social media and physical media to advertise their environmental commitments. 

How can custom parchment paper be environmentally friendly? 

When choosing a custom parchment paper supplier there are some key points to look out for if you have sustainability in mind. 
Becoming an ISO 14001 Environmental approved supplier means adhering to a standard framework for continually improving environmental performance. The ISO are global standards that set benchmarks for businesses and consumers that help build trust and make decision making simpler. The ISO 14001 Environmental framework helps businesses address environmental concerns such as reducing wastage, conserving energy, and demonstrates their commitment to building a sustainable future. Branded Food Wraps are proud to have been audited and approved as an ISO 14001 Environmental supplier. 
Some of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to ISO 14001 include that our custom food wraps are both recyclable and biodegradable. We also choose renewable plant materials, so each sheet makes as little impact on the environment as possible, that includes plant-based inks. Short print runs also mean our customers don’t end up with wasted paper! 
If you’re looking to purchase custom parchment paper then choosing a supplier that has adopted the ISO 14001 standard sends a clear message to your customers of your own environmental commitments. 
Get a free mock-up of your custom parchment paper and embrace the power of superior food branding without a huge cost to the environment. 
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